Hello and Welcome!

Visiting this site means you’re searching… wanting more out of this life you have. My goal is to help you find abundance in all aspects of your life: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. A life lived full well is a life lived abundantly.

Like everyone else, my life is a series of journeys. One leads into another, or they overlap, always working toward self betterment and contentment at where I am.

#LiveAbundantly was birthed from a desire to love every aspect of my life with a mindset of abundance. I wanted my life to begin reflecting something beyond mere contentment, no matter what I happen to be enduring.

So here I am, laying opening my life for you to see. I hope this site becomes a safe place of hope and determination for you along your own journey to a life lived full-well.


I asked Michelle to be my mentor because I was needing a positive role model and guidance in my life. I was having problems with my anxiety and I trust her with the good and bad. She has helped me learn to overcome the doubts within myself, and to understand my strengths and how they were given to me by God for a reason. She has encouraged me to try new things in college and to be open to what God can do through me as I go about finding my passions.

I look forward to our meet ups because it not only allows us to talk, but it helps with putting things in perspective. I have learned to set goals and to step out of my comfort zone because of her believing in me. I could not have asked for a better mentor.

Emilee S., 20
Springfield, MO

Thank you for believing in me