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Private School Breakdown for Springfield, MO

Alright, so my kids go to public school. Ha!

But we’re always looking at options for the future, taking it one year at a time based upon their needs. So I figured others might benefit from the info I’ve gathered. Here are the current private schools available in the Springfield, Missouri area (in alphabetical order so I’m not picking favorites), what makes them stand out, and any other info I could gather. Of note, if the school does not have a website, I did not include it. Yes, this is long, but it’s thorough!

Christian Schools of Springfield

Location: 2660 N Grant Ave, Springfield

Website: http://www.csos.org/

Type of school: “CSOS is currently a member of the Missouri Association of Christian Schools and the American Association of Christian Schools. The school is primarily college preparatory in its emphasis, orthodox in its doctrine, and conservative in its approach.”

Religious affiliation: Yes – a ministry of Baptist Temple. “By God’s enabling power, we teach students to pursue spiritual, academic, and physical excellence by providing quality instructional programs in a loving atmosphere.”

Grades offered: preschool – 12th

Tuition: Enrollment fee of $125 and Matriculation Fee of $450 for all students. Annually, the first child is $3995, second is $3195 and each additional is $300. Additional fees apply for extracurriculars and graduation. Also has a fundraising policy, in which a minimum of $200 must be raised or paid per student.

Enrollment openings for upcoming year: yes

Class size: unspecified

Uniform: Yes until 9th grade. Strict dress code from 9th-12th grade.

Athletics program: volleyball and basketball

Parent Feedback: [Do your kids attend here? Want to provide feedback? Comment below and I’ll add your feedback to the post!]

Discovery Garden Montessori School

Location: 1515 S. National Ave, Springfield

Website: http://dgmontessori.org

Type of school: Montessori — “The mission of Discovery Garden Montessori School is to prepare an outstanding Montessori environment that fosters collaboration, cooperation and peace, and to provide experiences for each child to develop to his/her fullest potential academically, socially and emotionally.”

Religious affiliation: No

Grades offered: preschool – 5th

Tuition: $100 application fee. No additional information is provided on the website.

Enrollment openings for upcoming year: Waiting list may be in place and only 8 students will be on the waiting list for each class per year.

Class size: Unknown.

Uniform: No

Athletics Program: no

Parent Feedback: “I am a behavior tech and support at Discovery Garden; my little one will attend this fall as well. Very involved team of educators that are an inclusive facility as well! Great sensory environment and child led education.” ~Samantha O.

Gloria Deo Academy

Location: Glendale Campus – 2110 S Blackman Rd. in Springfield and River Bluff Campus – 2655 E Farm Rd 188 in Ozark

Website: http://gloriadeoacademy.org/

Type of school: Part-Time private/homeschool (students attend school either 2 or 3 days a week and parents use the provided curriculum to homeschool the other days) with accelerated college preparatory curriculum under a Classical Education model. “Gloria Deo Academy partners with parents to educate students in a historic biblical worldview through a rigorous classical curriculum.”

Religious affiliation: Yes. Associated with Glendale Christian Church.

Grades offered: K – 12th

Tuition: Grades K-6th are $212 per month. Grades 7th-12th are $273 a month. Parents are responsible for purchasing books from any source, but must be the specific books required for the curriculum provided.

Enrollment openings for upcoming year: yes

Class size: 10-15 students

Uniform: yes

Athletics program: archery, cross-country, basketball and volleyball (sports may vary from year to year)

Parent Feedback: “I felt led to homeschool, but I wanted accountability. Gloria Deo seemed like the best fit, and they have come alongside me with advice and support along the way. I am so pleased with our decision. I’ve since fallen in love with the Classical model of education the school follows. All of their literature corresponds with their history and the kids love it. My 3rd grader’s favorite book is Beowulf. My 5th grader can identify every country in the world. They watch the news and actually know where these countries are and the history that led up to it. Choosing GDA was kind of a shot in the dark at first… but it’s been one of the greatest blessings to our family over the last 6 years.” ~Kristan H.

Grace Classical Academy

Location: 2438 E Cherry St, Springfield

Website: http://graceclassical.org

Type of school: Classical education method – “emphasizing three basic phases of learning which are grammar, logic, and rhetoric.”

Religious affiliation: Interdenominational. “Grace Classical Academy is not organizationally aligned with any church or denominational organization. The school is, however, firmly based on the authority of Scripture as reflected in our Statement of Faith.”

Grades offered: preschool – 12th

Tuition: Fluctuates based upon number of students enrolled. $50 application fee for each new student. $250 family registration fee. $5265 annually for first student, with progressively less cost with each additional student (down to $4025 for the 4th and each additional).

Enrollment openings for upcoming year: yes, presumed

Class size: approx. 15 students

Uniform: yes

Athletics program: none

Parent Feedback: “My daughter, who is currently in 7th grade at GCA has been attending since 1st grade. We love not only the small class sizes and curriculum, but the sense of true warmth and God’s love for one another between the staff, faculty, students and parents. The students are not only taught academics, but also how to grow into a Godly person – showing respect, kindness, empathy and love in all they do.” ~Holly H.

Greenwood Laboratory School

Location: 1024 E Harrison St, Springfield

Website: https://education.missouristate.edu/greenwood/

Type of school: Laboratory – A laboratory school is operated in association with a university, college, or other teacher education institution and used for the training of future teachers, educational experimentation, educational research, and professional development. (Wikipedia)

Religious affiliation: None. “Our mission is to support Missouri State University as a laboratory of best practices in teaching and to prepare students who are knowledgeable, creative, caring and engaged citizens.”

Grades offered: K – 12th

Tuition: Must contact school for information. Financial aid is available. “On or before May 1 of the current school year, an initial deposit of $500 is required to ensure enrollment for the student for the following academic year.”

Enrollment openings for upcoming year: “Traditionally, parents register their children for Greenwood Lab School at birth. Students are enrolled in Greenwood Laboratory School from registration lists maintained chronologically by date of registration.”

Class size: max of 24 in K, 26 in 1st-2nd, 28 in 3rd-5th. “Increased capacity of students per grade” for 6th-12th.

Uniform: No.

Athletics program: basketball, golf, tennis and soccer (debate and band)

Parent Feedback: “There were only 2 non-religious private schools that I could find, Greenwood & Summitt. Greenwood was a lab school and had more hands-on projects. Plus they had scholarships and was cheaper than the other school. The 1st grade teacher has her master’s in gifted education & Porter really needed a teacher that understood him. I’m very happy that the boys were there for 2 yrs and I wish I could’ve kept them there.” ~Kellie R.

wordswag_1519620192293Infinity Academy

Location: 1613 W Elfindale, Springfield

Website: http://www.infinityacademy.org

Type of school: Inclusive school. Mission – “To serve the educational needs of middle and high school-aged students who need an alternative to traditional schooling such as those with developmental learning disabilities.” Actively working toward accreditation through the National Commission for the Accreditation of Special Education

Religious affiliation: none

Grades offered: middle school and high school – between 10-18 years old

Tuition: $75 application fee and $250 annual registration fee. $12,500 annual tuition (with hopes at reduction this cost as the school grows). Tuition assistance may be available.

Enrollment openings for upcoming year: Yes

Class size: 1 adult for every 2-3 students

Uniform: none

Athletics program: none

Parent Feedback: [Do your kids attend here? Want to provide feedback? Comment below and I’ll add your feedback to the post!]

New Covenant Academy

Location: 3304 S. Cox Rd., Springfield

Website: http://www.newcovenant.net

Type of school: “New Covenant Academy is an accredited Christian college preparatory school with a challenging academic program.” It is accredited.

Religious affiliation: Yes “…committed to achieving academic excellence, teaching biblical truth, and developing Christlike character.”

Grades offered: pre-K – 12th

Tuition: Application fee of $50 (non-refundable), new student enrollment for for full-time student is $400 and $200 returning years. Full-time students are $6255-$7240 annually, depending on grade. Book and supplies fees are and additional $300-$400 per year.

Enrollment openings for upcoming year: Yes. Admissions process in place. “Because of the nature of the program, certain students, (especially those who may have learning difficulties or may have trouble following directions) may have difficulty in meeting the Academy’s standards.”

Class size: Max in elementary is 22. High school classes have 4-15, depending on subject interest.

Uniform: No

Athletics program: Middle schoolers can participate in soccer, basketball, girls volleyball, girls cheerleading, track and cross country. High schoolers can participate in the same as middle school, as well as boys baseball, girls swim team, golf and tennis.

Parent Feedback: “Our primary focus was higher level education and a school where we could express our faith without repercussion. I appreciate the expectations of the students AND families to be responsible for their education and behavior. It was middle of the road on cost. Was larger than other private schools with more class and sport options. Could attend until graduating high school (others do not have high school options). We compared average ACT/SAT scores. They were not the highest, but very close and higher than public. High percentage of college attendance. We had it narrowed down to NCA or catholic. We aren’t catholic and felt we fit better at NCA.” ~ Ammie C.

Student Feedback: “After going to NCA for 2 years, I learned more about English then I did at my public school. And the teachers invest so much into you… everyone is so nice. Plus, with it being a college prep school, it really helped me now in college.” ~Noah P.

Park Avenue Christian School

Location: 2850 North Park Avenue, Springfield

Website: http://www.pacschool.org/

Type of school: Private in-church school. “Park Avenue Christian School uses the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) materials for the academic curriculum in Kindergarten through Twelfth grade.” Offers a homeschool option with curriculum assistance.

Religious affiliation: “Park Avenue Christian School (PACS) is a ministry of Fountain of Life Christian Fellowship and stands without apology for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the highest standard of morality and Christian behavior.”

Grades offered: K – 12th

Tuition: $175 registration for first student, $150 for each additional. $2500 annual tuition for first student, graduating with additional students. $200+ curriculum fees.

Enrollment openings for upcoming year: yes, presumed

Class size: 20-25 students

Uniform: Yes

Athletics: boys basketball and girls volleyball

Parent Feedback: [Do your kids attend here? Want to provide feedback? Comment below and I’ll add your feedback to the post!]

Perspectives Preparatory Academy

Location: currently 1601 E Republic Rd., Springfield

Website: http://www.perspectivespreparatory.com/

Type of school: Brand new (opened Aug. 2017), Inclusive school with an approximate 50% neurodiverse and 50% neurotypical students. Individualized and differentiated lessons for every student (multiple curriculums) with strength-based learning approach.

Religious affiliation: None.

Grades offered: K-7th, but intentions of expanding to offer through 12th as funding allows

Tuition: Free

Enrollment openings for upcoming year: currently has a waiting list of over 150 students as the work to increase funding for expansion (dedicated to remaining a free facility)

Class size: 1 adult to every 3-4 students

Uniform: none

Athletics program: none

Parent Feedback: “For years, we looked for an inclusion-based program for our autistic and gifted daughter. We found the [public school] system to be poorly-equipped on a good day, and completely inadequate on a bad one. She ran circles around school faculty & administrators. They have a large sensory gym, full-time nurse, and all the faculty are certified & experienced in Special Ed. They are incredible at boundaries and working through  behaviors.  The structure is magnificent and school is year-round which is proven to improve educational progress.” ~ Angela V.

Seventh-Day Adventist Junior Academy

Location: 704 S Belview Ave, Springfield

Website: http://www.springfieldsdaschool.org/

Type of school: Students attend school only Monday through Thursday. “Accredited by the Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges and Universities through the National Council of Private School Accreditation.”

Religious affiliation: Yes. “Our mission is to bring Christ’s values and character into the student’s daily life and to provide an educational setting where the physical, social and spiritual well being of the individual becomes an integral part of their intellectual development here on this earth and in the new earth to come.”

Grades offered: K – 10th

Tuition: $220 registration fee per student. Springfield SDA church member – $2300 ($1700 for additional children). SDA constituent but not a member of Springfield SDA – $2800 ($2200 for additional children). Non-SDA Constituent – $3600 ($3000 for additional child). High school students are $3300 regardless.

Enrollment openings for upcoming year:

Class size: unknown, but there are only three teachers according to the website. One for K-2nd, one for 3rd-5th and one for 6th-10th. This indicates a small class size.

Uniform: unknown

Athletics program: unknown

Parent Feedback: [Do your kids attend here? Want to provide feedback? Comment below and I’ll add your feedback to the post!]

Springfield Catholic Schools

Location: Springfield Catholic High School and three elementary schools — Immaculate Conception, St. Agnes and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Website: http://www.scspk12.org/

Type of school: Private Catholic college preparatory school system

Religious affiliation: Catholic (those not Catholic affiliated pay higher tuition)

Grades offered: pre-K – 12th

Tuition: Grants and aid available. General tuition is $5245 for K-8th and $8064 for 9th-12th. The Active Catholic rate starts at $3980 for K-8th and $6116 for 9th-12th.

Enrollment openings for upcoming year: Yes

Class size: unclear – average of 300-400 students per school

Uniform: Yes

Athletics program: yes

Parent Feedback: [Do your kids attend here? Want to provide feedback? Comment below and I’ll add your feedback to the post!]

Springfield Lutheran School

Location: 2852 S. Dayton Ave., Springfield

Website: http://slssaints.org

Type of school: full-time private school

Religious affiliation: “SLS accepts and welcomes children from all faith backgrounds. All students participate in daily Biblical instruction.”

Grades offered: preschool – 8th

Tuition: Varies annually. Including registration and technology fees, the 2017-18 school year was $3200-$5000 for one full-time student. Discounts apply for multiple students and rates are less for part-time preschool and pre-k. Financial aid and scholarships are available to those who qualify.

Enrollment openings for upcoming year: Yes

Class Size: Avg. 20-22 students

Uniforms: No

Athletics program: Offer the following for 5th-8th grade students: cross country, girls volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, archery, track and scholar bowl

Parent Feedback: “It’s like a big family! I’m comforted knowing my boys are loved on when I can’t be there loving them. The teachers love them, and are some of the best teachers I’ve ever seen. And they are taught in a God loving atmosphere, and taught about Jesus. Which is very important to me.” ~Becky RH

“We send J to Springfield Lutheran School. We chose it because he went to the pre-k in Nixa and we loved the folks. We have no affiliation with the church, but they made us feel like family. We had peace about it and felt like God kept bringing it up and love it still!” ~ Jana T

St. Joseph Catholic Academy

Location: 515 W Scott St, Springfield

Website: http://www.sjcaspringfield.org

Type of school: Accredited through the Missouri Chapter of the National Federation of Non-Public School State Accrediting Association

Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic Church. Catholic parents must submit written approval from their pastor in order to complete the registration process.

Grades offered: preschool – 8th

Tuition: This information is not provided on their website.

Enrollment openings for upcoming year: presumed

Class size: unknown.

Uniform: yes

Athletics program: participates in the athletic programs offered through Springfield Catholic Schools

Parent Feedback: [Do your kids attend here? Want to provide feedback? Comment below and I’ll add your feedback to the post!]

Summit Preparatory Academy

Location: 2155 W. Chesterfield Blvd, Springfield

Website: http://www.thesummitprep.org/

Type of school: “The Summit Preparatory School is an independent school. The main advantage of an independent school is the ability to concentrate on meeting the needs and aspirations of pupils, rather than spending too much time on government-imposed targets.”

Religious affiliation: None

Grades offered: preschool – 12th

Tuition: $7,700 for preschool/pre-k through $9,770 for 9th-12th. Must also participate in the “Growth Fund” which is determined each September based upon the number of students enrolled. Sliding Scale tuition available.

Enrollment openings for upcoming year: Yes.

Class size: The website boasts small class sizes — avg. less than 10 kids per class.

Uniform: Yes

Athletics program: No

Parent Feedback: “Our kids went to The Summit. We (and they) loved it!!! They had less than 10 kids per class. A lot of one on one. I liked that they taught the kids at the level they were. So if more advanced or less….it didn’t matter. They also took 1 hour of Spanish a day starting in Kindergarten. The teachers really pour into the kids!!!” ~ Erin K.

Truth Academy

Location: 3110 W.Sunshine Street, Springfield

Website: http://www.truthacademyspringfield.com

Type of school: Part-time private school, part-time homeschool, with curriculum provided by Truth Academy. It is not accredited and bases most of its curriculum on A Beka and Bob Jones.

Religious affiliation: Baptist (house at Macedonia Baptist Church)

Grades offered: K – 12th

Tuition: $2350 with all fees. Books are additional. 20% discount for 3rd child and 25% for 4th child and thereafter.

Enrollment openings for upcoming year: presumed

Class size: Last numbers report 80 total students and 19 teachers/assistants

Uniform: Not mentioned on the website.

Athletics program: No. No PE class at this time.

Parent Feedback: “Our kids go to Truth Academy. They attend school two days a week and homeschool the other three days. The teachers at school keep us on track with curriculum and make assignments to be done prior to returning on the next school day. We love it and feel we have the best of both worlds (homeschooling and Christian schooling) at the same time. We have been there 9 years and we love it.” ~Roberta B.

Did I miss one? Have feedback on one of the schools above? Post a comment* so that others who are looking for the right fit can get a real sense for each school!

*Please keep criticisms gracious and professional in nature. Comments with slander will not be approved.


2 thoughts on “Private School Breakdown for Springfield, MO”

  1. Hope Homeschool Academy

    Location: 2436 S Ingram Mill Rd, Springfield, MO

    Website: https://hopehomeschoolacad.wixsite.com/home

    Type of school: Hybrid Private/Homeschool, curriculum chosen by parents, in collaboration with educators at Hope Homeschool Academy

    Religious affiliation: Interdenominational (housed at Glendale Baptist Church)

    Grades offered: K – 12th

    Tuition: $2350 with all fees. Books are additional. 10% discount for 2nd child and 20% for 3rd child and thereafter.

    Enrollment openings for upcoming year: Yes

    Class size: 8-12

    Uniform: None

    Athletics program: None


  2. There is also the USchool in Springfield. Here is their website http://u.school I also wanted to mention the the Infinity Academy does sort of offer sports. Every week they take the kids to do a karate class. I believe they also do yoga classes with the kids.


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