Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog site and taking some time to learn a little more about me. Might as well know something about the person trying to help you, right?

That’s always been one of the most important things to me: helping others. Seems like I’ve always done that in one way or another. I had someone tell me once “you missed your calling as a counselor.” Maybe so, but there is more freedom in helping folks through this medium.

That being said, I’m not a licensed counselor or anything of the sort, so understand that anything you read or any video you watch on this site is simply advice provided through my own life experiences and my ability to research, analyze, and process information effectively.

2017-10-11Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let me tell you more about me. I spent the first 11 years of my life in small-town southwest Missouri, with weekends on my grandmother’s farm. My family moved to Springfield, MO the summer before 6th grade and, besides college era, I’ve been here ever since. I attended high school at Parkview where my two main involvements were the school newspaper (Opinion Editor, of course) and flag core in the marching band (those were the days #bandnerd). I attended college at Mizzou (University of Missouri – Columbia) and have a degree in English Literature. Met my husband the summer before my senior year of college and we were married in June 2003. After graduating, I became a legal assistant for a Columbia attorney.

In 2005, my husband and I moved to Springfield and I found a job as a legal assistant and billing clerk here. I loved the challenge of the work. I also started freelance writing on the side in 2006, and a photography business in 2007. In 2008, I left my full-time job at the law firm when our first son was born to stay home with him and work the writing and photography gigs. Our second son was born in 2010 and, by then, I was opening my own content marketing firm while maintaining my part-time photography gig.

2013 began a succession of life changing situations that really lead me to this place. I started the non-profit organization that sealed my fate in helping others through some of the most difficult trials in their lives: the possibility or certainty of losing a child. I associate with being an empath, and I’ve learned a lot about the grieving process through running this organization; so much so that I intend to write a book about helping others grieve when you’re outside the situation.

In early 2014, an extremely difficult relational journey led me down a path to discovering my true identity and a deeper understanding of my faith. I now identify with being a recovering people pleaser and the struggles that come along with knowing who I am vs. who people see me as.

Additionally, in 2014, our oldest son was identified as highly gifted and diagnosed the following year with an anxiety disorder (this year our youngest was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder too), both of which led to my strong advocacy for gifted education and the need to connect with other parents of gifted children, sharing what I’ve discovered about giftedness and getting the support we all need.

After losing 50 pounds in 2011, I still had a ways to go and “diet and exercise” had me plateaued for three years. So, after some researching, I started working toward a healthier lifestyle through supplementation toward the end of 2014 — and have learned a slew of things in the process that have led me to seeking abundance in my physical life.

Like everyone else, my life is a series of journeys. One leads into another, or they overlap, always working toward self betterment and contentment at where I am.

#LiveAbundantly was birthed from a desire to love every aspect of my life with a mindset of abundance. I wanted my life to begin reflecting something beyond mere contentment, no matter what I happen to be enduring.

So here I am, laying opening my life for you to see. I hope this site becomes a safe place of hope and determination for you along your own journey to a life lived full-well.