Emotional & Mental Abundance, Spiritual Abundance


What kind of difference are you making? You with your social media trolling. So much to say. So many people wrong that you must set right. Taking up platforms from your couch cushions. Polished nails. Baby smooth heels. Pressed shirts and clip-on ties. While my heels are rough, my hands callused. Where your couch has… Continue reading Burner

Emotional & Mental Abundance, Our Gifted Journey

I’m just saying… it might not be ADHD…

And I'm thinking, yeah, I've got to tell more people what we found out. Because never in my life have I heard of the concepts I've learned about in the last few weeks, and I'm a well-researched, smart, educated gal. So it stands to reason that most of my momma peers don't have a clue either.

Emotional & Mental Abundance

The Epidemic of Offense

Do you ever feel like you’re walking on eggshells with people? That any little thing you say could easily be misconstrued, so you’re very careful about the words you choose. And even then, it’s usually taken the wrong way.