Emotional & Mental Abundance, Our Gifted Journey

I’m just saying… it might not be ADHD…

And I'm thinking, yeah, I've got to tell more people what we found out. Because never in my life have I heard of the concepts I've learned about in the last few weeks, and I'm a well-researched, smart, educated gal. So it stands to reason that most of my momma peers don't have a clue either.

Emotional & Mental Abundance, Our Gifted Journey

Outside-the-Box Behavior Correction

This is a strategy that we find both effective and loving. It teaches self control and coping mechanisms that emphasize our love for them in a safe way, both for us and for themselves.

Emotional & Mental Abundance, My Emotional/Mental Journey

Helping Others : Journey to Emotional Abundance

I’m grateful for the opportunity to help others in a capacity I never could have imagined. And I’m grateful for the lessons learned that have helped me to work toward emotional abundance in my life.